Meet our team

We're founders. VCs. Data scientists. We've founded and funded hundreds of companies of all shapes and sizes. And we have a world-leading analytics and data team, who can help your business go further. In other words: we're the people you want in your corner.

Trevor Kienzle

Managing Director & Co-Founder

David Coats

Managing Director & Co-Founder

Anu Pathria, Ph.D.

Managing Director, Analytics

Grace Chui-Miller

Chief Financial Officer

Wesley Barrow


Moiz Saifee

Partner, Analytics

Catherine Berner

Executive and Sourcing Assistant

Megha Bothera

Senior Analyst

Tasneem Dawal

Financial Analyst

Jared Luttrell


Trish Melton

Accounting Manager

Shoeb Saifee

Director, Data Engineer

Our Advisors

  • Matthew Rhodes-Kropf

    Ph.D., Visiting Associate Professor of Finance, MIT Sloan School of Management and Managing Partner, Tectonic Ventures

  • Steven Neil Kaplan

    Ph.D., Neubauer Professor of Entrepreneurship and Finance, University of Chicago

  • Michael Ewens

    Ph.D., Associate Professor of Finance and
    Entrepreneurship, California Institute of

  • Michael Thiemann

    CEO, Global Analytics Holdings; Former
    CEO, HNC Financial Solutions